The Beauty of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Bison and other animals live in the parkThe Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a vast expanse of space found in North Dakota, in the United States. The park was established back in November 10, 1078, and was named after Theodore Roosevelt, one of the former Presidents of the US.

While the park only consists of some 74,000 acres, the area has managed to protect about 150 million acres of public land, preserving the land for the various species of animals that make their homes among the vast plains. The park contains such prominent animals such as wild bison, deer, and other large mammals.

The park is a popular destination because of its beautiful and iconic landscape, honouring the man who has done more for the park than anyone before and after him. Along with this National Park System, Roosevelt helped establish five other wildlife parks and also helped found the US Forest Service.

His love for wildlife has always spurred him on. Back in 1883, he moved to the North Dakota territory in order to “bag a buffalo”. He was just a young man back then and tried his hand at cattle farming, which never quite took off for him.

However, he kept returning to the land over the years, and eventually grew to love and respect nature, eventually becoming a true blue conservationist. In one of his old speeches, he states that “I would not have been President, had it not been for my experience in North Dakota”.

What is now known as the Theodore Roosevelt National Park actually has a history dating back 65 million years ago. The newly arisen Rockies started pouring streams out into the park, eventually depositing a healthy layer of sediment. Eventually, the Little Missouri River and its multitude of tributaries arose, carving out the unusual landscape.

The sediments form colourful rocksAfter several million years, the process or erosion and deposition formed beautiful corrugated cliffs, steep gullies, and dome shaped hills. The layers upon layers of sediments mixed with minerals create spectacular, colourful landscapes than span for miles and miles.

The wildlife in the area is surprisingly dense with activity, including animals such bison, elk, pronghorn, white-tailed deer, mule deer, wild horses, and big horn sheep. There is also a wealth of smaller animals such as amphibians, and interesting little lizards that crawl all over the place.

The park is lonely and beautiful, and is yet unspoiled by human activity. It is seldom crowded so adventure seekers could easily see and experience the landscape the same way Theodore Roosevelt experienced it more than a century ago. These sprawling badlands are absolutely breathtaking to behold, and have some of the most beautiful sunrises on this side of the earth.

The days are very long during the summer so sun lovers should really visit it during this season, while flower collectors and enthusiasts would enjoy the park during springtime. Since the park is open year round, anyone can enjoy the beauty and majesty of this fantastic park and wildlife preserve.


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