Carbon Target Put On Hold Until 2016

In an article by the BBC, it was reported that the UK government is planning to hold off the declared carbon target until the year 2016. This was supposed to be part of the very important Energy Bill, which is supposed to increase energy production and keep energy bills down while simultaneously being better for the environment by keeping the amount of emissions down.

The original bill planned to allot £7.6 billion towards green energy. It will be used to build low carbon infrastructure by the year 2020, and many energy firms agree with the decision. However, the bill is required to also come up with proper carbon emission targets for the year 2030, but legislators are delaying this announcement to 2016, until after the elections are over.

However, there are many who are opposing the bill and its lack of setting a proper carbon target for the UK. Environmentalists in particular believe that the bill will make it downright difficult to comply with the UK’s law on climate change. On top of that, Lib Dems wants to get rid of gas completely when it comes to using it for power.

The Energy Bill is still in the works and will not be released until the last week of November.

The bill is actually quite a controversial topic even within the government itself. On one side, there are the liberal democrats who want to focus on green energy, while on the other hand sits Chancellor George Osborne, who is currently favouring gas powered energy. The reason behind this is that Osborne believes that gas powered energy will keep electricity bills down in the future, so that there are more flexible and varied sources of electricity available.

However, Lib Dems want to focus on the environment instead and believe that gas should be removed from the UK’s electricity generation completely because of the amount of carbon emissions it has. They maintain that alternate forms of energy will keep electricity down in the future especially since gas is becoming an increasingly rare commodity.

Energy firms are complaining about the government’s indecision because it is up to them to replace £100 billion worth of power infrastructure. Energy infrastructure in the UK are quickly falling into disrepair and are quickly becoming inefficient and decayed.

Unfortunately, it seems that the lib dems are getting the short end of the stick because gas will remain as a power source in England. They now want to make a compromise in the form of having a carbon target attached to the bill, but it has been postponed until 2016.

This delay is a bad one for the UK, because it still has not met its target emissions target as mentioned in the Climate Change Act. It also makes it difficult for energy manufacturers who want to build offshore wind turbines to produce cleaner, greener energy for the UK. This is because they want to make sure that there will be a market for their investments in the future.

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